Catches of the week (07/19/2013)

Flesh and Blood

A new type of ceratopsid dinosaur with funny horns and a big nose has been discovered. ❤ for new dinosaurs.

Certain ants, like Rome, can't get by without their slaves. Enter the ant version of Spartacus.

The arts:

A cute movie about seemingly unrequited bench affection between a boy and a girl. In the sequel their gazes sync up and the sparks fly.

Kuriositas’ picks from the selections at this year’s 1-minute Film Festival. At one minute apiece, there’s no reason you can’t go check them out.

I tried, and quite early gave up on, James Joyce’s Ulysses. I’d be willing to give it another try, now that its coming out in graphic novel format.

Dogs wearing capes, babies sleeping in fields of fabric, and people recreating photos from yesteryear: Mental Floss’ list of delightful photo projects.

Amazingly crafted drawings that jump out at you by the very talented Alessandro Diddi.


The nachthexen, or night witches: Soviet fighter pilots and female daredevils who piloted wooden biplane bombers on the Eastern Front and raised hell for their German adversaries.

What did people name their pets in the medieval ages? Title says it all.

The Oatmeal raised over a million dollars for the Tesla museum so that we could know about his automated war boats? What?


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